Does it have to be a marathon?

A lot of studies can confirm, that a daily sex might improve your health (both physical and psychological) a lot, but they don’t say for how long you should be having sex. Now the duration is important, but it doesn’t mean that quickies are out of the game. An afternoon quickie might even be better than every day running or even going to gym. You don’t need to have those hours reserved for your partner alone. Take some lesson from daily masturbation – you don’t masturbate for hours, no, you just find a video online, go for 20 minutes on a toilet and you go at it. It should be the same with the quickies.

What if I „can’t “

That’s some pile of horse shit, because with Valif 20 everybody can. Doesn’t matter if you feel less confident because of your erectile dysfunction or you know that you won’t get him up, with this drug, you will have your sword ready ANY time, when you will need it. This pill can be taken daily, it has a long effect, so you might even get two quickies out of one pill if you will be home early.